Land Rover Bluetooth Approved Phones & Software
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Car Application: LR3/Discovery 3, Range Rover Sport and 2006 Range Rover.

Land Rover Personal Telephone Integration (PTI):
The latest generation of Range Rover 2006MY and the new Discovery 3/LR3 and Range Rover Sport
models offers a fully integrated mobile phone system as a factory fit option. With this system, the user can connect a Land Rover approved mobile phone handset to the vehicle and access many of the important functions via the vehicle keypads, voice activation and steering wheel switches.

Ways to Connect:
The Land Rover PTI allows two different methods of connection; First, there is the cradle option. This allows the mobile phone handset to be physically connected to the vehicle. This method offers much greater functionality such as; Phonebook access, Dialled and Missed Call lists and SMS. The cradle also provides power and connection to the external aerial. The Land Rover PTI is also Bluetooth enabled. This allows the user the freedom to leave their mobile phone handset in a briefcase, or a pocket and still be able to make and receive calls.

Please consult the Range Rover owners' handbook for more details on the functionality available with the two different connection methods.

Which Handsets and Software Versions?:
Whilst there are many mobile phone handsets available, Land Rover engineers have tested and
recommended the following handsets to meet our very high quality standards. Please note that not
all Bluetooth enabled mobile phone handsets are compatible with the Land Rover PTI. This is due
to the wide range of uses for Bluetooth in the latest high technology. This list will be updated as more handsets are tested and as new handsets are released.

Approved Phone Connection Method Approved Software Comments:

Nokia 3660 Bluetooth
Nokia 6820 Docked - Cradle 3 Part No. XVE 500020
Nokia 6820 Bluetooth
Nokia 6230 Docked - Cradle 3 Part No. XVE 500020
Nokia 6230 Bluetooth Notes below:
Motorola V3 Bluetooth
Motorola V500 Bluetooth
Motorola V550 Bluetooth
Motorola V620 Bluetooth
Nokia 3100 Docked - Cradle 3 Part No. XVE 500020
Nokia 6100 Docked - Cradle 3 Part No. XVE 500020
Nokia 6220 Docked - Cradle 3 Part No. XVE 500020
Nokia 6230 Docked - Cradle 3 Part No. XVE 500020
Nokia 6820 Docked - Cradle 3 Part No. XVE 500020
Nokia 3650 Bluetooth
Nokia 6310i Bluetooth
Nokia 6600 Bluetooth
Nokia 6820 Bluetooth
Nokia 6230 Bluetooth
Nokia 7600 Bluetooth
Nokia 8910i Bluetooth
Motorola A835 Bluetooth
Motorola V525 Bluetooth
Motorola V600 Bluetooth
Siemens S45 Docked – Cradle 4 Part No. XVE 500050
Sony-Ericsson T610 – Cradle CR-9 XVE 500040

Notes (Updated):

ECHO: If a third party calling the vehicle is experiencing echo feedback of their own voice
during the conversation, it is advisable for the driver to reduce the in-vehicle phone volume level using the audio volume control.

1. Phonebook Download: Please do not make or receive calls whilst the phonebook is
downloading (approximately one minute after insertion into cradle). Range Rover customers
receive confirmation that phonebook download is complete when the phonebook button on the vehicle display becomes available.

2. Missed Calls: Missed Calls will not be displayed on the vehicle display while the phone is in the cradle.

3. Phone On / Off Disable: Phone cannot be switched on or off by the vehicle keypad.

4. Multiparty call not available with non-Nokia cradle handsets.

5. Attaching Whilst Off: Ensure that the phone is switched on before it is attached to the cradle.

6. Bluetooth and cradle: phone may require manual Bluetooth connection after attachment and removal from the cradle (if used).

Identifying the Phone Software Version (SW):
In addition to the handset model, it is crucial that the phone software level matches the version
detailed in the list. More recent levels of software should offer full functionality but this cannot be guaranteed because they hav
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